We Sell Tires!

At Blue Gorilla Garage we are always looking for ways that we can continue to provide you with top notch service, which includes expanding our services. To better move towards becoming your one-stop shop for all things automotive we are now selling tires! Some of our brands include:

Nitto, Uniroyal, Yokohama, Kumho, Hankook, Fuzion, Firestone, Falken, Dunlop, Dick Cepek, Cooper, Continental, BF Goodrich

Auto Services at Blue Gorilla Garage

Front End Alignments

Did you know that getting regular front end alignments can help you save on fuel and the cost of new tires not to mention they will help keep you safer as they reduce the strain on your car. Schedule your next front end alignment today!

Miscellaneous Services

There can sometimes be other issues that arise in your car's regular maintenance that may pose a threat to the safety, performance, and longevity of your vehicle. Bring it to Blue Gorilla Garage so we can diagnose the issue.

Oil Change

Your vehicles engine oil is the most important maintenance item that requires regular attention. Regular oil changes prevent costly future repairs that may not be covered by the manufactures warranty.

If you do have an unfortunate break down the first thing the dealer or manufacturer will call for is your service records. Without this proof of regular PM (preventative maintenance) your warranty claim could be denied with you holding the bill for costly engine repairs.

Trust BGG to keep up to date service records on all of your vehicles and feel free to ask for a copy of them at anytime.


With modern auto trans technology and the advancements of fluids and filters, most of todays transmissions don't require scheduled maintenance near as often as manufactures have called for in years past.

The shop down the street wont ever tell you that but here at BGG we strive to only perform services that are required. For example, If your 2011 Ford Super Duty with the TorqShift 6 goes to one of our competitors shops they like to up-sale transmission service at around 30k miles. Ford only recommends every 150,000 miles!! So bring your car, truck, van or SUV to Blue Gorilla Garage and ask us what services NEED to be done.

We'll tell you straight up every time!

Tire Rotations

Regular tire rotations are key to getting the most mileage out of your tires. Lets face it, nobody likes to buy tires. Plain and simple. Your car serviced at BGG equals you buying tires less. When the time does come for new rubber we would like to help you in that department as well and that is something that is still in the works at this time.


Brake noise? Don't let brake noise be what has you bring your car in for service. If that's why you need us we are here but a lot of people don't know that the noise they finally hear is actually coming from the damage that has already been done. Let BGG inspect your brakes as part of a routine service check or just stop by for a quick look.

Battery-Charging-Starting Systems

With the vehicle computer systems today as smart as they are, just disconnecting your battery could cause all kinds of issues preventing driving, not to mention unwanted dash lights. Your vehicle is constantly "learning" as you drive.

Unhooking the battery will clear the computers memory of all the strategies it has learned. We can replace your battery and test your charging system and tell you exactly what is going on, whether its just a bad connection, faulty charging system or bad starter. Trust Matt at BGG to diagnose the concern cost effectively.


Summers around Northeast Texas can be brutal. Make sure your A/C is in top notch shape here at BGG. Don't trust adding Freon yourself or having the neighborhood parts counter guy do it with way overpriced Freon in a can that includes "sealant." Most times this "sealant" does more harm than good by gumming up the entire system.

Did you know that an overcharged system is as bad or worse than a system that is low on refrigerant?
We use equipment to charge your vehicles system to the exact charge amount that the manufacturer sets and are very experienced at locating Freon leaks.

Suspension and Steering

Few of your vehicles systems are as important as the steering and suspension. They are what make your car drive where you point it. Don't trust your front end work to someone with little to no experience. Too many shops employ temp agency workers off the street and put them on the front end rack. We, here at BGG have never understood why that is. We promise to do professional front end work that is through and safe.

Performance Parts

So you've got some aftermarket parts you need installed? You wanna make it go faster, sound better, lower it, jack it up or whatever. Give us a shout, we do many vehicle accessories including but not limited to: Head swaps, Cam swaps, intake replacements, most exhaust work, Lift kits, lowering kits, re-gears and a ton of other stuff. If it can be added or modified chances are BGG in Nash can handle it.